How One Person is Helping Hundreds of Deserving Students Earn the Required 35 Education Hours for PMI-PBA Exam at an Affordable Cost

And many of them have now passed the exam and now proudly display the “I am Certified” PMI-PBA letters name to their name:  John Smith, PMI-PBA; Jane Simpson, PMI-PBA (Professional in Business Analysis)

Instructor’s Story

This is all started when he was working as a project manager 15 years ago and his boss encouraged him to take the PMP exam and be certified. We went on and research the requirements and found out quickly that he needed, on top of the required project management work experience, 35 Education/Contact Hours to sit for the PMP exam. 

He ended paying $1300, excluding travel and lodging, for a four and half-day exam prep live course where he earned his 35 education hours.

He passed the PMP exam and that opened other career opportunities for him downstream including a boost in his pay scale.

Later, when agile and scrum were becoming popular as alternative methodology for managing projects, he also had to pay a good deal of money to attend a live training out of town to earn his 21 education hours to sit for the PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) certification exam.

In several of the long term projects he managed for a large financial institution, he ended performing the dual role of the being PM and BA (business analyst) for the project (the later being critical in the overseeing the developing of project requirements/deliverables and making sure they meet stakeholders or customers specifications)

He also mentored a bunch of other junior BAs from other projects who were seeking some training. At one point, he was mentoring 6 junior BAs and showed them the BA work on projects from start to finish.

Later, in preparation for his taking PMI-PBA exam, developed his own student plan, study and review materials including practice tests.

After passing the PMI-PBA exam, he updated his BA student content and using the study and review materials he created, organized a course outline and recorded the corresponding video lectures for a Prep Course to Help Students Pass the PMI-PBA exam and earn 35 Contact Hours after Completing the Course.

He also assembled 400 practice tests with a suggested formula on how to use them to pass the exam.

Check out below the links to his super affordable courses that are helping hundreds of students cash-in on the hottest certification from PMI:

  1. The Value-Packed PMI-PBA Exam Prep Course
  1. The Secrets to Passing the PMI-PBA exam – 400 practice tests
  1. Also, How to Write Powerful IT Requirements and User Stories

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